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Prototyping & New Product Introduction

Prototypes are an essential component of product development.  Prototyping provides an in-depth look into the product and allows the customer to perform an analysis of the product’s components.

Vinyas understands the importance of responsiveness and flexibility during any prototype activity. It provides experienced prototyping and new product development services from new product introduction (NPI) to Low, Medium and High volume manufacturing.

Advantages with Vinyas for Prototyping & NPI

  • Highly trained and dedicated prototyping engineering  team to quickly and accurately evaluate  customer needs from concept to product realization
  • Dedicated manufacturing unit with well-established quality and Process Engineering
  • Exclusive  manufacturing space for RoHS compliance
  • IPC  certified technicians  to work for prototype and NPI
  • Complete testing capabilities which includes in-circuit testing and functional test
  • Dedicated Supply Chain Management team  for Procurement and Materials Management
  • Quick-Turn Prototype Manufacturing Services
  • Reduce The Amount Of Time Required To Bring New Products To Market
  • Full Turnkey Solutions

Compressive Solutions in DFM & DFT

Design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for testability (DFT) are critical parts of any new product. Vinyas offers a distinct advantage in the marketplace to create the highest quality product possible.

Finalizing product designs with production in mind is a critical step in optimizing the time, resources and cost of actual production.

Vinyas always has manufacturability and testability inOperational process, and we provides the design review services critical to ensuring that issues relating to cost, quality and efficiency

At Vinyas, DFM and DFT are continuous activities that will follow your products through development, production, and redevelopment to ensure that improvements can be realized from one generation to the next.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is the front-end process for electronic products which focuses on minimizing the cost, complexity, defects and production time of the product-specific volume manufacturing process.

Before taking the product to the volume production stage, Vinyas engineering & production team will inspect and evaluate products for manufacturability, from individual components to the entire production line. Vinyas aims to reduce complexity and eliminate manual operations wherever possible, while creating procedures and fixtures that minimize variation and human error. Continuous engagement with your product design team allows us to ensure that a final design will both satisfy Customers specifications and quality.

Design for Testability (DFT)

Throughout the design review process, Vinyas strives to create a testing strategy that will not only prevent defects from leaving the lines, but also ensure that problems are detected at the earliest opportunity and resolved at the lowest cost.

Our DFT reviews are performed at both product and system levels. Vinyas works with Customer’s  design engineers to optimize product and materials for each step of the overall testing strategy so as to ensure a seamless integration between the testing and manufacturing work-flows.

Vinyas DFM & DFT Service has the potential to generate significant improvements, such as:

  1. Enhanced manufacturing productivity
  2. Improved product quality and reliability
  3. Reduced/simplified maintenance
  4. Cost Effectiveness addressed at conceptual design stage.
  5. Decreased time to market
  6. Increased customer satisfaction
  7. Lowers the cost of manufacturing
  8. Lowers both initial and life cycle costs
  9. Guarantees more efficient diagnosis and repair in the field
  10. Provides more accurate diagnostics to the part and pin level

Our Facilities

Facilities @ VINYAS IT

At Vinyas, both customers and human resources are considered to be the stepping stones of success, and represent the cumulative progress of the organization, a consequence of which rolled out as seasoned customer relationships and enhanced bonding with our team.