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Vinyas Quality Policy

Vinyas Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is committed to provide Total Electronic Hardware Manufacturing Solutions to achieve Customer success by continual improvement and maintaining the effectiveness of Quality Management system.

Quality Certifications & Compliance

Vinyas is compliant with numerous electronic industry standards for quality, safety, and integrity of the manufacturing processes. Vinyas meets or exceed all of the following specifications and certifications:

ISO 9001 : International Standard for Quality Management System Development and Implementation.

AS9100 : International Standard for Quality Management System for Aviation, Space and Defense Industries.

ISO/TS16949 : International Standard for Quality Management for Automotive Industry.

ISO 13485 : International Standard Quality Management for Medical Products.

RoHS : EU Directive for restricted materials for use in electronics.

Quality Excellence

Vinyas is committed to attaining high standards of quality in the products and services it provides.

  • Complying with established standards and Customer requirements.
  • Maintaining and continually improving the effectiveness of processes and services.
  • Reviewing established Quality Objectives regularly to ensure that quality system remains appropriate and effective.
  • Process development based on prevention with quality designed.
  • Process control established from risk analysis and risk mitigation.
  • Continuous improvement with Lean and Six Sigma to reduce waste, increase efficiency and effectiveness , lower cost and improve quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Trained and highly skilled workforce that understands requirements and expectations.

Quality Standards Practised

Vinyas Quality system follows follwing  standards at all levels of Manufacturing process

Process Name Reference STDs
Baking IPC-J-STD-003B
SMD Assembly IPC-CM-770
Forming IPC-HDBK-001
Through Hole Assembly IPC-CM-770
Reflow process IPC-HDBK-001
Wave Soldering Process J-STD-001E
Cleaning IPC-HDBK-001
Post Soldering Operations J-STD-001E
Acceptance of Assembly - PCBA IPC-A-610D
Acceptance of Wire Harness IPC-WHMA-A-620A

Quality Activities

Vinyas actively undertakes the following quality activities:

  • Six Sigma project management system
  • Lean Management system
  • PDCA project improvement system
  • Employee suggestion for improvement of project
  • Performance management system
  • Equipment adoption system
  • 5S management system

Automated Quality Traceability System (AQTS):

Among the challenges faced by EMS providers, the issue of component and assembly traceability is very critical. Compliance from a traceability perspective delivers far more benefits to the operation beyond compliance to customer requirements and regulatory standards.

Vinyas uses AQTS software tool which provides traceability for items/products involved in manufacturing/assembling process.

AQTS pulls data from storage of materials, process and quality.

Each board/sub-board which has a unique identification number on it will be scanned in each stage along with machine and operator details.

Customers can access real time data by the click of a button and track every detail and access various reports for analysis.

Our Facilities

Facilities @ VINYAS IT

At Vinyas, both customers and human resources are considered to be the stepping stones of success, and represent the cumulative progress of the organization, a consequence of which rolled out as seasoned customer relationships and enhanced bonding with our team.